How to resolve common problems/error messages on MT4

Common Problems in Metatrader 4

When using Metatrader MT4, traders are likely to encounter some common problems and error messages. Most of the problems here due to connectivity and account access. While it is possible to contact the technical support for your broker to ask for solutions, users can easily remedy some of these problems.


Not connecting

This is probably the most common problem. Sigh? When price is not changing, price on ‘Market watch’ panel is not blinking. Check the bottom right hand corner of your Metatrader MT4 program to determine if your data feed is connected and running.

Green = Go.

Red = No go.

How to check MT4 connection status

How to check MT4 connection status


‘Invalid account’ error message

MT4 'invalid account' error message

‘Invalid account’ error message seen on Metatrader 4

This error message could be caused by selecting the wrong server for your account. If you are using a demo account, the most likely reason is the demo account already expired.


‘No connection’ error message

'No connection' error message on MT4

‘No connection’ error message on MT4

  • Check your own Internet connection?
  • Is the power to your modem and router on?
  • Are they online/functioning?
  • Did you key in the correct account number and password?
  • Did your broker arrange a scheduled maintenance?


‘Common error’ message

  • This is likely a problem beyond your control as it could be a connection problem between your MT4 platform with the server. You should contact your broker’s technical support for assistance.


‘Waiting for update’ message

  • If you see this message when opening a chart for the first time, it means the chart is trying to pull data in (backfill). Check to see if you’re connected to the internet. Also try the following steps.
    1. Right click on the chart
    2. In the dialogue box that appears, click on ‘Refresh’
    3. Drag the currency pair from the ‘Market Watch‘ panel and drop it into the chart screen.
    4. Restart Metatrader 4


‘Off quote’ message

  • This happens when you try to close a position that has already been closed on another device. Contact your broker when this happens.


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