USDHKD testing 7.75 limit again; HKD bulls in control

Bearish USDHKD, bullish the Hong Kong Dollar

I am a Hong Kong Dollar bull on a long time line and I believe that the Hong Kong Dollar is better off pegged to the RMB for stability than the US Dollar. If you are interested why I hold this view, this is a page where I put down some of my views as well as excerpts and links to other posts on this topic.

Important things to note:

  1. This is not a trade idea that you can do on a leveraged account.
  2. It is a really long term view and depends on developments on many fronts including the direction of the US Dollar, the Chinese Renminbi, trade flows and what the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority thinks.
  3. One needs a lot of patience. May be it is the wrong idea, may be it is wrong timing but our first post on this topic goes back to 2012 which says a lot.


My idea is very simple: if I am right at all, USDHKD goes permanently below 7.75.


LERS No Go Zone

What is LERS? It is short for Linked Exchange Rate System which is Hong Kong’s currency peg to the USD Dollar between 7.75 – 7.85 since 1983. HKMA intervenes regularly by buying USD and selling HKD regularly to keep the currency pair away from the limits of this rate system. Here is an old chart that will help you visualise.

Hong Kong Dollar chart

HK Dollar testing 7.75 regularly since 2005

As can be seen from the green zone, there has been a lot of price pressure on 7.75. This is the lower limit of the currency pair but is actually the high limit for Hong Kong Dollar. In other words, there is pressure on the HKD to appreciate.

In my opinion, such pressures can last a long time but not indefinitely. At some point in time, the market gets its way. We saw that during the Asian Financial Crisis where any Asian currencies were forced to depreciate and we saw that kind of action most recently with the Russian Ruble and then disastrously with the Swiss Franc after the Swiss National Bank abandoned its Minimum Exchange Rate of 1.20 for the EURCHF.

HKD bulls like me are waiting for HKMA to fold.


Hong Kong Dollar bulls in control

USDHKD went to 7.74823

USDHKD went to 7.74823, the deepest penetration so far

This may be a sign maybe not but USDHKD took at big step yesterday with the deepest penetration so far. Amazingly on the monthly chart, you can see also USDHKD hugging 7.75 and then that big shooting star which tells me HKD bulls are in control.


USDHKD monthly chart sports a huge shooting star with HKD bulls in control

If you have patience like me, watch closely.

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  1. Tamas R.T. King says:

    axi wont let you trade this any more will they?

    Seems like they know a float is possible :)

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