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Powered by trading passion – Marc Pont and FX Trade Sizer

IT Professional Marc Pont and his partner developed FX Trade Sizer, an iPhone app that lets forex traders calculate their personalized position sizing per trade.

Marc gave me a pleasant surprise when he invited me on 12 February to test out his app. As an individual trader, I am delighted to report that he has taken my feedback seriously and has incorporated some of my request as a user into a product update on 17 April.

I am very happy to introduce FX Trade Sizer to this community and to share Marc’s personal story as a trader and business innovator.


Mission: IT that adds trader profitability

Hi Marc, please introduce yourself to our readers.

Marc Pont, IT Professional,

Marc Pont,

We are two IT professionals with extensive experience designing, developing and managing software for top companies. We met while working for a company in Geneva, Switzerland and discovered that we shared a passion in common: trading the financial markets. Since then we used most of our free time designing trading strategies as well as applications to help us get more profitable when trading in the markets.

The team consists of Krisztian Katona who is mainly focused in product development and I am caring more about making the products reachable to as many traders as possible. However, we are always supporting one to each other to better understand the full picture.

After creating and successfully using some applications such FX trade sizer to improve our trading results, we decided to share them with the traders’ community. Our mission is to develop solutions to help traders increase their profitability.


FX Trade Sizer, a forex position sizing application

Tell us about your product: FX Trade Sizer.

It is incredible that many traders do not consider how much money is risked in a trade idea. First time we heard about position sizing was thanks to one of Van Tharp’s books. The idea behind position sizing is risking the same amount for any particular trade idea (generally 1-2% of your account size) and therefore, it protects traders from taking big losses.

Krisztian suggested me to implement the position sizing method into an iPhone application so we could easily calculate the unit size of any particular forex trade. It took us around 3 weeks time to create a design, develop the core functionality, and carefully test it.

After using it successfully for a couple of months we decided to launch it in the App Store as other forex traders could benefit from it.


Who is your target audience? What kind of customer need does the app meet?

FX Trader Sizer is targeted at any forex trader who has an iPhone. We encourage forex traders to integrate position sizing into their trading strategy. The app provides a simple, intuitive solution that saves time when one is calculating his next trade size.


FX Trade Sizer product features

Please introduce its key features

The main feature is the position size and pip value calculator. Entry fields let user determine account currency (base currency), account size and risk percentage which will calculate position size for new trades in different lot/contract sizes. Because there are 80 currency pairs available in the app, users can toggle on/off the pairs that show up.

FX Trade Sizer iPhone app features

FX Trade Sizer iPhone app features

Forex position sizer and pip value calculator
Position size calculated includes units, micro lots, mini lots and standard lot sizes
User interface designed to maximize the user satisfactionCompatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPad
80+ currency pairsMajors and crosses. Including Gold and Silver
10 account currenciesUSD, EUR, GBP, CHF, JPY, AUD, CAD, HKD, SGD and CNY
Up-to-date live currency pricesLatest currency exchange rates are downloaded every time the app launches to support accurate position size calculations

The app is currently available to iPhone and iPad users. An Android version will be released in the near future.


Marc’s trading experience

Marc, are you trader too?

Yes, I have been trading the markets for +5 years now! My trading career started when I moved to Switzerland. Although I started to work for an IT company, the Swiss atmosphere of finance and investing affected me quite fast. I was very attracted to the world of trading so I was reading every trading book I could get my hands on.

Back in 2010 I started trading only company stocks that I thought had cool products. No entry, exit or money management rules. You can guess how the story ended. It is true that I quickly made a lot of profits but I lost all of them even faster! This was a tough experience but gave me a valuable lesson: To succeed in the trading business I needed a sound strategy like in any other business.

Since then I only trade strategies that I have previously back-tested. Today I am trading 4 different strategies: 2 systematic and 2 discretionary. These strategies have been carefully designed and tested to reach a high degree of diversification. Different time-frames (daily and weekly charts), instruments (forex, stocks and indexes) and strategies (trend following, mean reversion, momentum and pattern recognition) definitely helped me to reduce the overall risk. However, the most important aspect when I decide to add a new strategy to my portfolio is whether or not I would be able to follow the rules easily every day, this means that the strategy fits my personality.


Thank you Marc for sharing your personal story. There many elements I final familiar and no doubt for many members of my community too. I want to use this chance to reinforce: good strategies always include high degree of diversification, chart reading and risk reduction.


My last question to you: where to find FX Trade Sizer? Will you give us a promotion?

FX Trade Sizer is available on the App store.

We are offering a 3-day promotion starting today Friday 24 April 2015 to Sunday 26 April 2015! FX Trade Sizer will be FREE for the first time since we released it in the App Store. I think it is a great opportunity for all your readers to download the app and start discovering the benefits of position sizing.

We also want to use this opportunity to announce the launch of a new product to help traders through the whole trading lifecycle: tradesq. This is a desktop application that provides a framework to plan, execute, manage and analyze the trader’s strategies. We have been using it during the last 2 years and it helped us become more profitable. We are launching tradesq beta this week so we encourage everyone to sign up, as the number of available spots is limited.

If you would like to be informed about any news regarding tradesq, just follow us on twitter.

Director, TerraSeeds Market Technician Pte Ltd. Trader, investor. @sohtionghum was picked ‘Top 70 Forex Twitter in 2015’. Operates multiple strategies.

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