How to save your analyses and settings during MT4 update

Updating Metatrader MT4: 2 useful tips

Metatrader MT4 is a very important piece of tool for forex traders. Making sure that it is working properly and bug-free is very important but updating it can sometimes produce haphazard outcomes i.e. missing settings or analyses.

We share 2 tips to make sure things don’t go wrong after an update.


Tip #1 – Saving your profile

MT4 allows you to save your personal profile i.e. settings and the charts that are open currently.


To save your profile

Click on File –> Profiles –> Save As

Save your profile under a new name.

How to safe a personal profile in Metatrader MT4

Saving a profile in Metatrader 4

In the event that your settings gets messed up by an update, then all you need to do is to load the saved profile.

To load your saved profile

Click on File –> Profiles –> Select the profile to load

How to load a saved profile in Metatrader MT4

Loading a profile in Metatrader 4

Tip #2: Saving your analyses

Analyses i.e. all the technical studies that you have drawn on a chart like trend lines, Fibonacci rules, captions and so on can be saved easily as a ‘template’. In fact you can even copy it to another computer and work from there.

To save as a template

  • Click on the chart with analysis you wish to save
  • Click on Chart –> Template –> Save Template
  • Enter a template name when prompted. Eg: AUDUSD_H4_Analysis
How to retain the analyses and markings you have placed on a chart by saving as template

Saving a Template via the Toolbar Menu


Alternatively, you can simply Right Click in the chart and select Template –> Save Template.

Saving a Template via the Right Click Menu

Saving a Template via the Right Click Menu

Or you could even use the Template icon in the tool bar. Click on TemplateIcon and select Save Template.

Saving template using the 'Template' icon

Saving a Template via the Template Icon

Extra Tip: If you have cloud storage such as Dropbox, Google Drive etc, you can save your analysis to these storages and use a physical medium like thumb drive to make computer – computer transfers.

With luck, the tips above should keep your trading platform in relatively the same shape before and after an update.

If you have any other tips which you use, do share in the comments below.

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Until next time, cheers!

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