Is this forex trading result good enough for you?

Hantamfx’s forex trading equity up 18% after 1.5 months

From $100k on 20 January 2015, equity is now $118k. 18% return. Beats most investments.

Forex trading results from Hantamfx

Forex trading results as at 01 March 2015


There was a dip to $95.7k on 03 February, again $93.4k on 13 February as we shifted our attention to the series of events that our speaker was invited to but results have come back now. This outcome shows Tflow® method makes money.

Why report equity and not P/L? We explained that here.

For individuals who want to follow the process, students can access this page (log-in required), non-students can look at archived material here.

Equity chart from mfxbook

Tflow® is an outperforming forex method | Equity graph from myfxbook


How can this set of results BELONG TO YOU?

TerraSeeds then and now

Pioneer in trading education since 2005

For individuals who are keen, Tflow® is a 100% discretionary forex trading method that comes from the TerraSeeds team’s years of trading experience. If you want a real trading skill, this discretionary method is the real thing. Don’t operate a product where rules are not disclosed to you.
Tflow® method is perfect for working adults who have a career to look after. We have a philosophy we call ‘Earn While U Sleep’. We don’t do a lot of trades. We place only a handful of trades a week and hold them for a period of time. Read about it here and here. As Chief Trainer Binni Ong put it:

Imagine a trader is a machine. This machine trades 10 times in an hour. Will machine wear out faster than another machine that trades once in a day? I trade once a day. I aim for 100 pips each time. Definitely I feel happier than another trader who trades 10 times an hour who make the same amount.

Tflow® course is run over 30 hours spread in 6 sessions. If you attend this course, you pick up forex trading as well as a trading method for stock indices, oil and precious metals. The company was established in 2005 and is a pioneer in the trading education business.

Intake 47 course information is available here and these are the next dates. Attend a free seminar to talk to us or call Jerome Lee at +65 6492 3196 or +65 8298 6982.


What is Hantamfx?

Hantamfx is a Mascot and Virtual Contributor who shares his forex demo trading performance for educational and entertainment purpose. The trades are done on a MT4 demo trading account 101698 disclosed to readers so that we do not doctor information presented. It was started on 20 January 2015. For personal privacy and regulatory reasons, we do not disclose personal results.

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