Glittering what I like to receive after Chinese New Year

2 days before Chinese New Year, I wrote a blog post about Gold. Simple intention, I hope that everybody has a wonderful happy Chinese New Year.

Wonderful, it was indeed a nice trade. On the very same day, after my blog post, Gold plunge, and next day (on Chinese New Year Eve), reached the first day level.

Hope you had a very huat year.



But it was also a very disappointing post, because the post came 2 days before Chinese New Year, maybe everybody was busy. Many students told me, Binni I don’t have time to read. Twitter was also quiet too. But think of it, ang pow has no meaning if it’s not given near to actual date…anyway…

This is the following to the first post on Gold.

Strong support reached, retracement to point 2 assuming that 1234 was completed

1200 seems to be location of point 2 and a strong support level


Assuming these 1234 were completed, then recent drop is just a retracement towards point 2

Price bounce off F6 and trend line support


Support lines and F6

Currently, price trapped in this ED channel, break of this channel shows bullishness


Pending break of ED channel, and potential bullish candle close

I thinking that this could signal a slightly longer term upwards movement. Maybe we won’t see 1000 so soon.

Will update again if I see that there are interest in more update. Let me know.

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3 thoughts on “Glittering what I like to receive after Chinese New Year”

  1. Dennis Yap says:

    yes, keep the updates coming, i miss the gold ang bao, now stalking for potential bull

  2. Jia Hui Toh says:

    Binni, on first weekly chart, there is a big down flow on left side of chart (from Oct 2013). Why would this not be seen as the flow to 1? Instead, you have flow as an upward movement, which doesn’t look like a bullish up flow, next to this big down flow. Thanks.

  3. Binni Ong says:

    @jiahui Xauusd is like a pending EWUS trade, a potential reversal (only potential, hasn’t happened yet). All pending the confirmation of the ED I’ve drawn, on week close, that ED is still not broken, therefore nothing as yet. Key, it might be a EWUS REVERSAL trade

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