What gets me interested in a trade? Case study on EURGBP

I wonder, why do I have so little time on hand? I guess that most of you asking the same question too! So many things to do, yet so little time. Hey, the world is fair because time per day for everyone is fix. Oh my, the fact that you are reading this might be wasting time. What talking me.

Ok, back to EURGBP. First interest in EURGBP starts from this tweet.


Higher timeframe check

I always get interested in a trade, when higher timeframe shows something. And I want it to be shown with probably just few lines, ideally just a line. So there was a monthly close and after which, price retraced towards that trend line.

eurgbp 1 2015-02-08_13-14-15


After which, look for space

I went on to look into how much space this trade has



eurgbp 2 2015-02-08_13-14-15


Move to Lower Timeframe for trigger


1234, F6 trigger and a retracement back to F6

Identify potential support zone if it is a sell trade

Always aim to lock profit, so for a sell, identify support levels. It is logical to assume these:

1. Previous low of 0.7400 as support

2. ED channel as support. Upper red ED has estimated price of 7325, so add to buffer, 7350 as a support level seems logical

Trading is really that easy!

eurgbp 3 2015-02-08_13-14-15

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3 thoughts on “What gets me interested in a trade? Case study on EURGBP”

  1. Shao Guoyong says:

    Hi ma’am ,
    I respect your persistence in this trade setup.
    On your 1st short I initially thought #27331137 position was SL- ed , looking at the SL level set. See #27331137
    However it seemed that trade management had been done from there. Eventually this position survived as the SL level was raised which narrowly escaped SL.
    This is impressive although I am not sure why initially this entry was made; it looked like a sell limit.
    Thereafter 2 more positions were added when price closed below f6.
    #27430910 #27430989 See #27430910 #27430989
    It would be great if in the future u could present these gems of information as well these are tactics and details that makes the difference to overall success.

  2. Binni Ong says:

    Good observation, but those trades not mine, got to ask Hantamfx that little hammie. LOL

  3. Shao Guoyong says:

    Hi ma’am,

    I respect your hamster.

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