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Duration of Tflow® forex trades

Ride the winners, cut losers. Not scalping.

Duration of trades

Chart from Hantamfx:myfxbook

  1. Shortest duration 11 minutes
  2. Longest duration 19 days and 15 hours
  3. Most trades last longer than 24 hours
  4. Winners are held longer than losers
  5. Tflow® is not a scalping technique

Hannibal Tamhas Tan Jin Juay is a TerraSeeds Mascot and Virtual Contributor who was manufactured to share his demo-trading performance.

He is the result of a genetics experiment where the a strain of otherworldly DNA found in an ancient meteorite was spliced to a hamster.
During the Asian Financial Crisis, due to budget cuts and deficits incurred by the investment vehicle of the One World Laboratory, Han-Tam was forced into foreclosure after being deemed too small to bail by financial institutes.

Han-Tam was let go and adopted by a Tan local family.

Han-Tam does not like to use his name Tan Jin Juay because he thinks it is very obiang.

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