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Monthly Archives: February 2015


Glittering what I like to receive after Chinese New Year

2 days before Chinese New Year, I wrote a blog post about Gold. Simple intention, I hope that everybody has a wonderful happy Chinese New Year. Wonderful, it was indeed a nice trade. On the very same day, after my blog post, Gold plunge, and


Duration of Tflow® forex trades

TerraSeeds Tflow® is a forex trading strategy that aims to ride winners and cut losers. We do not scalp and our trade duration is swing or more.


Glittering is what I like to receive for Lunar New Year

Happy Lunar New Year. My best wishes to all Tflow® students, to all of you for best health and lots of wealth! Alright, what am I watching? Again it’s always high timeframe to watch for clues. An important clue will be WR! High timeframe WR

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What gets me interested in a trade? Case study on EURGBP

I wonder, why do I have so little time on hand? I guess that most of you asking the same question too! So many things to do, yet so little time. Hey, the world is fair because time per day for everyone is fix. Oh


Email interview with Chris Weston, Chief Market Strategist, IG

“I am going to share how I see the financial world and what I believe is really going on behind the headlines. I believe central banks are purposely manipulating certain asset classes with the idea to boost others.”
“I am sceptical this proves to be successful in the long-run (which could be hugely bearish longer-term), but in the short-term I am going to follow the central banks lead and stay bullish on markets where central banks are actively pursuing a higher stock market.”