Trading RBA – Looking in something AUD

You know that I was targeting AUDUSD last week, partly next week there’s high impact data from RBA.

Most important, from Tflow point, AUDUSD broke a strong support.



How about other AUD related pairs? Anything which are worth a look?

Look for levels

I saw AUDCAD Head shoulder pattern, it immediately caught my attention.

But most important I went to look for Support/Resistance levels.


Strong levels

 Head shoulder pattern formed, with 1234 at right shoulder


HS Pattern

 HS completed, but price is too far from pt 4. Using Fibonacci, we could steal some discount hoping for price to retrace higher


Steal a discount

 Some support levels to note, especial 9700, 9400


Some Supports


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2 thoughts on “Trading RBA – Looking in something AUD”

  1. Tan Teng Chew says:

    Thanks a lot, very clear cut… Looks like AUD pairs r looking nice at the moment.. xx fingers =)

  2. William Ang Yong Ching says:

    Binni, thanks for sharing in advance. Will plan the trad accordingly.

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