EURUSD – Did we get 1000 pips in 26 days? Answer is YES!

If you want to know how bearish I was of EURUSD, you want to read this post written on 24 Sep 2014: Why I believe EURUSD will go to 1.25 and even lower

I was even more bearish last year Dec 2014, so I tweeted this:

Towards last year end of December, while many of you might be travelling to Europe, I was aggressively shorting EURUSD while enjoying my holiday. Of course, it’s not me alone, but Tflow® students too!



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3 thoughts on “EURUSD – Did we get 1000 pips in 26 days? Answer is YES!”

  1. Tamas R.T. King says:

    are we still looking at this as a short based on the nice retracement that we have seen over the last few days? Seems to be making a nice point 4 however has been testing and broken a upper trendline on a daily channel… WR or change in market?

    1. Soh Tiong Hum says:

      My take on EURUSD:EURUSD potential sell setup; resistance at Fib-R, last year low

  2. Soh Tiong Hum says:

    Just realized I made the terrible mistake of putting in the wrong chart. Lol. But I stick with this EURJPY chart and am looking at the setup.

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