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EURJPY: Sell-high reversal trade using Tflow® forex strategy

Possible Reversal of EURJPY

On 8 Jan, we alerted our community of a possible opportunity with 3 charts on EURJPY.


Tflow® BUYs low and SELLs high

Price was setting up for a possible opportunity to catch a reversal near its high. In line with Tflow® underlying idea of BUY low and SELL high.

Alerted Community Before High Impact News (NFP)

The charts were given all prior to a piece of high impact news (Non-Farm Employment Change) scheduled to be released the next day on 9 Jan 2015. 



Trading Reversal of EURJPY

Outcome of the Trade

The result is a move of over 200 pips using nothing more then Tflow® forex strategy.


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