STI component stocks: winners and losers end FY 2014

STI is up 6.50%; full year 20 stocks gain, 10 lost

STI component stocks winners and losers at end full year 2014

STI component stocks: FY2014 winners and losers

  • SIA,  SGX and OCBC are three stocks (shaded in blue) that pull themselves out of the losers category. 


On a quarterly basis, STI up 3% on 15 gainers and 15 losers

This is not a positive development. The broad index can be lifted by heavyweight components gainers to losers tell their own story. Since we started tracking in the middle of 2014, the quarterly picture is looks like this.

  • 19 winners and 11 losers for H1
  • 17 winners and 13 losers for Q3
  • 15 winners and 15 losers for Q4

If this becomes a trend, look out for STI correction in the near future.

STI components quarter-on-quarter performance

STI components quarter-on-quarter performance


What the heatmap says

While the broad market may look good with the Straits Times Index up 6.50% and indeed 3 stocks elevated themselves out of the losers’ group, a look at Q4 heatmap of the market tells different story as more companies are painted red.

FY2014 heatmap

FY2014 heatmap; green paints winners and red paints losers

Q4 2014 heatmap

Q4 heatmap; notice more companies in the red


This animated overlay says to me that Q4 is not doing well

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