Let’s get back focus – Big Pattern, Strong Levels

Sometimes it’s easy to lose our way when either we have too much wins or too much losses. I call this big head or small head.

After a day of trading, I like to look back what I’ve done and get re-aligned.

Let’s get realigned with EURGBP – a trade that was stopped out last week.

Day chart shows downtrend; price in a triangle

Behaving in a triangle, thus low of triangle will be a support


Downtrend, in a triangle currently

H1 shows down flow, multiple 1234 count

However, only blue 1234 count is valid. In red 1234, pt 3 is lower than 1


Multiple count of 1234,

Drawing a F6 from blue 1234, price has already closed below F6.

Thus I’m looking for a move towards bottom of triangle, which is around 7850-60

#tflow wk49/1 $eurgbp below 7915 has S 7850-60

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