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Axitrader suspends USDRUB and EURRUB trading

Notice to affected forex traders

Axitrader has decided to suspend Russian Rouble (Ruble) trading because of Russia’s currency crisis. Affected pairs are USDRUB and EURRUB. These two currency pairs were added to MT4 trading just a few months ago.

Due to the political and economic uncertainties regarding Russia, underlying market conditions are such that AxiTrader has made the decision to suspend trading in the Russian Rouble until further notice.

Especially for forex traders with open positions, take note of important dates for action to be taken by the broker:

  1.  With immediate effect (17 Dec 2014), no new trades can be opened. Existing trades can be closed.
  2. From 3pm platform time on 23 Dec 2014, all USDRUB and EURRUB trades will be suspended.
  3. From 24 December, all positions will be closed.

Other forex traders have taken similar action.


Screen capture of email notice from Axitrader regarding action on Russian Rouble

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