Price of physical gold and gold savings account in Singapore

Prices from sources available to public

  1. Gold savings account at UOB: SGD 48.53 per gram
  2. Physical 1-gram PAMP gold bar: SGD 76
  3. Physical 100-gram PAMP gold bar: SGD 4292 or SGD 42.92 per gram
  4. Physical 100-gram ARGOR cast bar: SGD 4899 or SGD 48.99 per gram
  5. List price of gold at pawnshop: SGD 53.50 per gram

Bear in mind that investment gold in Singapore that is 99.5 percent or more purity is GST-exempt (items 2-4) but items from pawnshop will be GST taxable.

Different published prices of gold in Singapore from publicly available sources

Published prices for 12 November 2014 | Top: Pawnshop Bottom: UOB Website

From, gold spot price today is SGD 48.42 per gram.


Gold is money

For investors having sleepless nights worrying what QE-happy central bankers are doing to currencies, I share this recording of former FED Chairman Alan Greenspan’s recent interview at the Council on Foreign Relations (earphone may be required).

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