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Binni Ong Seminar on 13 December 2014 not to be missed

Don’t miss this stock market and forex seminar

In my opinion, investors should not miss the seminar on 13 December 2014 where my colleague Binni Ong will talk about the Shanghai – Hong Kong Stock Connect as well as local stocks, forex, silver and gold.

This special development by Hong Kong and Shanghai to open up their stock markets to investors in both places is exciting and yet may not be fully understood by the retail investment crowd for reasons below:

  1. Already the Singapore Exchange has linked up with the Taiwan Exchange to do its own ‘connect’ and there is one in the pipeline with Tokyo for the second half of 2015. These moves would not happen if top brains in these exchanges did not believe in the merits of coming together as Shanghai and Hong Kong has done.
  2. Yet the timing of Shanghai – Hong Kong Connect comes at a time when the global economy is less than healthy. Despite stock markets at or near all time highs, the Singapore Exchange for instance is facing a volume crunch in part driven by a penny stock crash last year. All these means that a large portion of retail investors have stopped following the market.

And then there is my personal interest in China, which in my opinion has some very interesting investment opportunities not available in the local market and they are 1) the Chinese military industrial complex, 2) rare earth industries and 3) e-commerce which is connected to 1.4 billion population with the largest growing middle-class.

China Spacesat Chart (600118: Shanghai)

China Spacesat (Northbound) represents one kind of investment (Aerospace and Defence) that is not available in SGX


Special invitation: Gavin Chia from CIMB Securities

Besides Binni, I have invited Mr Gavin Chia, Vice President (Dealing, Equity Sales) of CIMB Securities to give us a broker’s view of Shanghai – Hong Kong Connect. As I said earlier that this ‘connect’ is not very well understood, his invitation is a selfish move on my part – take it that it is a seminar that I want to attend as well.

I have given Gavin a unfair job that he has graciously agreed to. He is to bring me (and all of you folks who are attending) up to speed with the salient points of Shanghai – HK, points like:

  1. What does ‘Northbound’, ‘Southbound’?
  2. Why are there daily quotas on purchase?
  3. Where to get a list of 568 stocks in this connect?
  4. Plus all the un-exciting but ultra-important things like what to do on public holidays. Not Singapore holidays mind you but holidays in Hong Kong and China which are different but can be very frustrating because it is a trading day in one market but not the other.



Gavin Chia, Vice President (Dealing, Equity Sales)

Who is Gavin Chia?

Gavin Chia is currently involved in Products and Trading Education at CIMB Securities, where he trains different batches of Trading Representatives (TRs) and is involved in the planning, designing and execution of the CIMB Investment Education Programmes. He is also assisting the CIMB Youth Investor programmes and has conducted various talks in schools.

The Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect will allow investors to trade across the Chinese border for the first time and has begun on 17 November 2014. It means global investors now have access to Chinese stocks from Hong Kong, potentially resulting in US$3.8bn worth of trades a day. The plan opens up 568 Chinese companies valued at $2 trillion to foreign investors, who can buy them via brokerages in Singapore.


Seminar details:

  1. Date and time 13 December 2014 1.00pm – 3.30pm
  2. Place 3 Shenton Way #25-02 Shenton House Singapore 068805
  3. Seating capacity 60 persons
  4. Speaker Binni Ong
  5. Price SGD40 cash or **Support Class Vouchers (for 4M or BP; Tflow® students) are also accepted
  6. Please register your name, contact number and email by calling us at 6492 3196,  SMS 8298 6982 or email to

*Register to secure a seat. Non-registered individuals may be turned away.*

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