Multiple-screen trading computers: 3-screen setup

Hello everyone, I previously did a blog post of a simple and budget way to build a 2-screen trading setup. Today I will be sharing a 3 screen monitor setup that costs slightly more but is very tidy.


Key component: Multi Screen Splitter

Cost: $80-$200

Multi screen splitter

This is how one of the many multi screen adaptor in the market looks like.


Setting up is easy

Easy setup on cable connections and screen displays. One side connect to the machine and the ports to the monitors. One port connected to one monitor.

Using a multi-screen splitter

Connections using a Multi Screen Splitter


Different outcomes to suit level of sophistication

This is the outcome when they are connected.

Extended display mode

Extended display mode


Viewing 3 different applications on each screen

Note that price for multi screen splitters can vary widely because of sophistication. Some adaptors are just connectors to the monitors and machine with ‘how you view’ display settings controlled through the operating system. Higher end models may provide control for display mode through the adaptors itself, making it convenient at the press of a button on the adaptor to toggle between display settings that you desire.

In my next post, I will complete this series on many screen setups with higher end performance in mind.

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