Shares Investment Conference 2014 ‘Will interest rates rise?’

“Interest rates will rise faster than you imagine”

I am happy to share this video which I have transcribed and translated from Mandarin to English. It features Mr Hu Li Yang talking about interest rates at Shares Investment Conference 2013 last year.

Video in Mandarin

Video transcript, Shares Investment Conference 2013

  1. Many people say interest rates will not rise quickly
  2. Interest rates will rise faster than you imagine
  3. Many people say interest rates rise because of economic recovery
  4. Wrong!
  5. Interest rates rise because of expectation
  6. When people expect interest rates to rise they start borrowing but when everyone borrows, rates will rise very quickly
  7. Many people say rates will rise slowly in steps of 1/8, 1/4, interest go up very slowly
  8. The speed will be very fast from 2 – 4%
  9. I have seen it double in 6 months
  10. Be prepared
  11. Once rates rise, gold will fall, bonds will fall, stocks will fall, property will fall
  12. People tell me they feel sad for their children because they cannot afford property anymore
  13. Property prices have risen so much they cannot afford in their lifetime
  14. I tell them they worry too much
  15. 10 years later your children will tease you because their property will be cheaper and bigger


Hu Li Yang, Taiwan

One of the most popular investment and finance experts among the Chinese from all over the world, Hu is hailed as “the Guru of Wall Street”. He was the first Chinese vice president at Merrill Lynch, as well as the general manager of the bank’s branch at Silicon Valley.

He has successfully introduced a lot of terms used by the securities markets in the west into Asia, such as “securities firms”, “financial derivatives”, “index futures”, “pull back” etc, and these terms are extensively used by the Asia markets nowadays.

As he can accurately analyse and predict the global financial trend, he is hailed as the “Godfather of Asian stock market”. Hu Li Yang has spoken for Shares Investment since 2011 and has always garnered more than 1,000-person audience. His engaging and educational approach to investor education has made him a very popular speaker amongst retail investors.


Shares Investment Conference 2014

The video above is very timely. US Federal Reserve is tapering its Quantitative Easing program which some experts think will quickly lead to rise in interest rates. Rising rates will then lead to a correction in gold, bonds, stocks and property investments. What will happen? I think it is a very good time to ask Hu Li Yang to follow up when he comes to Singapore to speak at this conference.

Shares Investment Conference 2014 is organised by Shares Investment and Capital958FM. It will be held on Saturday, 18 October 2014 from 9.00am to 6.00pm. Venue: Kallang Theatre. Show and ticketing information is available here.

Coincidentally, Hu Li Yang talked about QE and its effect on the stock market at the Shares Investment Conference in 2012. He predicted correctly that the stock market will boom for 2 years but an evaluation is necessary in 2014. It’s here.

TerraSeeds Market Technician Pte Ltd is Community Partner for Shares Investment Conference 2014.

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