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Monthly Archives: September 2014

TerraSeeds 9-year anniversary promotion for forex traders

TerraSeeds Market Technician celebrates 9-year anniversary by running a $200 rebate promotion for attending Tflow® Forex Course. We are rewarding existing Tflow® students who make referral, new customers and old students from the Paper And Pencil Series of courses. Terms and conditions apply.

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GBPAUD breaks free from months of side way movement

Months of side way movement GBPAUD had been flattish over the last several months after a period of strong bullishness in the previous year (2013). This month (Sept 2014), price did a WRMB of the 8 months side way move and is currently above the


When 500 pips can be made this way, I want to trade every day

I used to tell myself that I have no time for this, no time for that… now I realise that I had such a put-it-off mentality because I did not have a money-making method and an achievable goal. With Tflow® method to trade forex, I wish the market would operate every day including Saturdays and Sundays. Making money trading like this is not work anymore, I feel great, I don’t dread the market, there is nothing else I want to do except trade.


Have right personality traits to be good forex trader? Eat this!

In his ‘Trader’s Personality Quiz, Dr Brett Steenbarger, PH.D., described risk-tolerance as 1 of 3 ideal personality traits for good traders. I pushed it to an extreme: A good trader must not be risk averse, so the higher one’s propensity to eat this dancing squid, the more likely he/she will trade well. Lol!

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NZDUSD – illustrating big pattern, high timeframe WR

What happened when there was a WR (aka wash and rinse, fake movement) found in the higher timeframe chart? This represents that a huge group of slightly longer term traders/even investors are trapped at higher price (in the case of NZDUSD), while price now heads