GBPNZD – Bearish and Bullish view point

GBPNZD is a trade that I tweeted after a possible big pattern 1234 confirmation


Since then, the trade hasn’t been moving well (oops) and we received many question from students.

Let me share with you what I think being most important, trade analysis.

Big Picture Analysis


Historical resistance +F6 resistance


My tweet base on this 1234 and F6 H4 trigger


F6 trigger, tweet was on F6 H4 trigger

However, I’m wary that this bullish 1234 might pan out


What the bulls are thinking

H4 shows bearish expansion and mapping another 1234. Do note NZD having it’s rate, so this will be high volatility movement. So following rules and managing it carefully required


H4 has bearish expansion with a possible 1234

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