This GBP cross shows Big Move strategy

I like to trade with trend, and I like especially the big move strategy in Tflow®

I remembered I first call for short at the real high and since then price has been falling.

Here, we might have an opportunity for a big movement following the completion of 1234


Big Picture Planning


Resistance and also bearish expansion on monthly timeframe


1234 with F6 trigger


1234 seen in H4

Immediate support


immediate potential support

#tflow #trade wk36/2 $gbpsgd below 2.0700 has S 2.0600. Note that this trade only for those on Axitrader as spread can be very different

Updated by Binni Ong on 5 Sep 7.37pm

In one 4M class, I was so bullish on SGD and I talked about nothing but SGD. Following which I made the post on EURSGD, where I suspect it could be a movement of 800 pips. Now it is profiting about 400 pips


I’m equally bearish on GBPSGD. If you still have position, the next support region around 20260-20300


GBPSGD support zone

In BP class, I talked about the importance of daily close (in relation to H1 boxes). Since there’s no daily close, I have still quite a substantial position riding this trade


GBPSDG no day close towards bullish yet

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