Why I believe EURUSD will go to 1.25 and even lower

Remembered when EURUSD was 1.34, I said that EURUSD technical picture pointed to 1.3050? Read here for the EURUSD posting. If you can’t read, then you are not a Tflow® student. To become Tflow® student, please attend our forex course.


Belief #1 – Big picture analysis with equidistant channel

This long term equidistant channel suggests a low of 1.06-1.08. If this happens, it’s time to go Europe and I won’t be eating kebabs everyday.

Equidistant channel projects low around 1.06-08

Equidistant channel suggest low of channel around 1.06-1.08


Belief #2 – Another way of drawing a channel

Revision Class (Best Practice) way of drawing targets suggest 1.22-1.23 in mid term.

A Best Practice Way of drawing ED and it's Target suggests 1.22

A Best Practice way of drawing equidistant channel and it’s target suggests 1.22


Belief #3 –  Looking at Fibonacci levels

In our usual style of Tflow® trading, if below 1.2750 then 1.25 as a support might pop.

Nearer term suggests 1.25

Nearer term suggests 1.25

Of course, our support to Tflow® students, we have this tweet here and various trade management technique to protect profit and prevent a good trade from becoming a bad one. Of course, this EURUSD trade which I tweeted (for free, no subscription charges :)) reached first level of  12850. Maybe it’s too little.

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Updated by Binni Ong on 29 Sep 6.03pm

Did EURUSD move lower? DEFINITELY YES! I see no reason at all not to short EURUSD. And to those who have been following my trades, congratulations.


EURUSD now at 1.2677; furthest level reached 1.2680

If you are a Tflow® student, then you would know that selling EURUSD is a H4T trade. Nothing surprising.

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What’s next for EURUSD then?

There’s a firm close below 12750. So 12500 will be a next significant support.


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