Elements of Tflow® forex strategy: this chart is perfect example

Tflow® a price action strategy based on natural price features

Tflow® strategy for forex trading (including stock indices like HSI, DJ30 as well as oil, gold and silver) uses features that can be found inside any price chart to trade. What we have done is to combine those same features into a proprietary trading method:Tflow® logo

  1. Trends are defined by periodic boxes
  2. Highs and lows become natural support resistance levels
  3. Bullish and bearish expansions mark new trends
  4. Wash N rinse (aka bull trap/ bear trap) are great trading signals
  5. 1-2-3-4 setups (not show here because that’s our special technique)
  6. Multiple time frames are easily dealt with in step by step approach


This chart of EURAUD in a downtrend is a near-perfect example with almost all features inside.

EURAUD Tflow® setups

EURAUD is one of the best currency pairs to demonstrate concepts of Tflow® forex strategy

Tflow® forex strategy is a trading method for high time frames. We believe in values like ‘Earn While U Sleep‘ and getting catching big moves.

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