3 ailments that affect traders and simple tips to sit comfortably

Please allow me to share a little personal experience with long hours of sitting in front of the computer. This is something that individuals who want to trade for a living will encounter soon.


Back condition caused by bad posture, long hours

sitting posture

Bad posture leads to aches and pains

My colleague Mr J has been complaining about his back pain recently. This is probably due to his sitting posture and long hours of keeping butt glued to chair. Common mistake: Hunched-over posture leads to muscle-aches and pains in lower back, shoulders and neck.


Wrist condition caused by poor ergonomics

Wrist condition

Hurt at a part of the wrist called the pisiform

My boss Mr S complains about his wrist pain when using the mouse for a long period of time. This is caused by poor ergonomics – the palm and wrist rests on the table at the wrong angle.


Eye condition caused by straining and overuse

sore eyes

Sore eyes is a sign of strain, overuse

My best friend Mr O complains his eyes are sore and dry after long hours of facing glaring screen.

These are the common problems traders are facing when sitting long hours in front of screen. There are simple solutions however for these common problems.


3 tips for fellow traders to look after themselves

Tip #1 – Mr J  found out that he should not sit for long hours and should take breaks in between by walking around and swinging his arms to improve blood circulation. In addition, it helps him to stay alert and ready for action.

unlimber your body

Getting up frequently can also help one avoid ‘Economy Class Syndrome’


Tip #2 – Mr S decides to get a mouse pad with a wrist rest to support his wrist better. But this is the first step only. The second step is to choose a chair that is at the right height in relation to the table. Letting the forearm rest flat on the table is the way for me.

ergonomic mouse pad

An ergonomic mouse pad is one that fits its owner


Tip #3 – Mr O decided he will take breaks in between his work to look at the sky or greens or even take a 10 min short nap.


Beautiful Sky, no joke, looking to the sky can relief your stress


If you are suffering from these physical problems, why not try these remedies. Trading comfortably and in good health is the sustainable way to trade.

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  1. By Shao Guoyong

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