Top trading experts unite FOREX community for the Conference in Singapore


Stuart McPhee

Apart from being a truly unique and beautiful place, Singapore is known for its highly-developed economy which is one of the freest, most innovative, most competitive, and most business-friendly in the world.

In such an open space, the interest towards investing in financial markets, namely Forex, is steadily rising. As the system is decentralized and open for worldwide buyers and sellers, there is a lot of potential seen in that area.

However, as practice shows, few forex investors are truly successful ones. It often takes months or even years to master your trade to the degree that would allow for stable income.

Among the most common hazards that keep traders from achieving their investment goals are the lack of trading discipline or trading plan, inability to adapt to the market, poor risk and money management and many others.


ShowFx Asia Conference in Singapore

A well-known financial exhibition brand ShowFx Asia chose Singapore this year as one of the venues for its Conference aiming to increase professionalism of traders and unite in one place all members of Forex community. On August 16, 2014 the organizers welcome all those interested in Forex to Marina Bay Sands for the event. The entrance is free!


Bert Antonik


The Speakers

The organizers carefully select speakers to maximize value for every attendee. Most seminars provide detailed analysis of real strategies sifting out important information applicable in trading on currencies as well as stocks and commodities markets.

This year the at the Conference you will have a chance to meet OANDA Senior Currency Technical Analyst Stuart McPhee. He will focus on a set of simple trading rules which, compiled together, make for a profitable trading, as well as on the processes one has to go through to form his trading strategy.

Bert Antonik from Online Trading Academy brings over 3 decades of trading knowledge and experience to his Online Trading Academy Presentations. His interest in trading can be traced back to his days as a midshipman at the US Naval Academy. Bert knows how and why people run into trading obstacles and, even more importantly, he knows exactly how to help them avoid trading hazards.


Choo Koon Lip

Singaporeans will particularly enjoy a workshop from their local trading icon and “The Lemming Trader” author Choo Koon Lip, who is the founder of Forex Asia Academy and was ranked as one of the top Forex trainers by forex forum in Singapore. Koon Lip is an avid forex and options trader since 2004 and has built a formidable reputation for his unique low-risk trading acumen. His flagship programme FOREX INTENSIVE was awarded ‘The Best Forex Education Project in Asia’ by ShowFxAsia Expo 2009.

See the full list of speakers and the program here.

In order to attend, register on ShowFx Asia website.

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