GBPCHF Trade Analysis and Chart Pattern in Play

British Pound has been falling recently. Apart from shorting GBPUSD, we can look for other GBP crosses to trade. Today I will like to discuss GBPCHF

Big picture planning

Turning points are marked out in high timeframe chart. We can see GBPCHF at resistance


gbpchf m1 blog


A big 1234 spotted in weekly chart

gbpchf w1 blog

A head and shoulder Pattern

A day close below 4 weeks low! Possible retracement is marked with boxes high and low. At this zone, for Tflow ®strategy, we keep an eye for possible pt 4 forming

Also caution that the red line may act as immediate support with boxes low.

If the bunch of support is breached, we will really be looking at a big picture and change of trend.

gbpchf d1 blog

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  1. Soh Tiong Hum says:

    If the head and shoulders pattern is not clear enough, here’s another one. GBPCHF daily chart

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