EURSGD – Forex trade a possible 800 pips in play?

I like to trade with the trend. I like to trade big pattern too.

With strong singapore economy, will we have a strong Singapore dollar then?


Let’s look at EURSGD then….

Monthly chart big picture planning shows 1234


Big picture is still down with 1234

On month price movement, a strong support has been broken


Resistance in play


Below chart shows resistance with a strong resistance indicating 800 pips away from current price


Support in play

Below chart maps 1234 in daily chart, with F6 and ED channel


1234 in Day chart

I want to be conservative at the moment, although I’m thinking whether that 800 pips can be possible.

#tflow #forex #trade wk33/1 $eursgd below 16690 has S 16650 and with a view of 15850

Updated by Binni Ong on 20 Aug 4.49pm


A possible BIG MOVE in the making

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