EURAUD Trade Review, step by step illustration how we profited 170 pips in 7 days

I tweeted about EURAUD. This was a trade with 170 pips profit in 41 hours.

Here I am going to illustrate how this trade was formulated (exactly what you learnt in Tflow®) and how to use tweets to help you.


Big Picture Planning

Daily trend is down. No signs of reversal pattern or any signs to head up


Daily Trend is down; so going short is a with the trend trade


H4 Box bearish expansion


H4 shows bearish expansion. Each expansion is a potential flow.

F6 (flow) acting as resistance and top of ED channel gives pt 4 resistance too


1234 seen, ED channel high pts to pt 4 resistance too + F6

I tweeted this:


Marked in black dotted line was the mentioned level 14390. If a H4 candle closed below this mentioned level, it means price weakness. However some student use it as a form of trigger to go short at the end of H4. They might have shorted around 14375. See chart below

Support level will be at ED channel low, which I pointed out could be 14310. Some students use this as a level to square to profit some of their trade. So this trade could have made them 65 pips



Tweets + levels and where you might be taking the trade

Later I followed up with another tweet, because EURAUD broke clearly the ED channel


Below chart shows the H4 candle close after my tweet below 14290 and price reached 14200 as said. From the start of this position at 14375 till 14200, this is a 175 pips profit trade


EURAUD tweet after channel has been broken



Updated by Binni Ong 27 Aug 5.23pm

I realised I’ve made a big mistake in the time taken for this trade. It was not 41 hours, but 41 * 4 hours bar, so that’s 362 hours, approximately 7 days. Sorry for this mistake, I use Metatrader tool to pull to measure time and probably did it on a saturday (weekend!!) and so didn’t really check carefully. Didn’t mean to exaggerate.

Anyway, EURAUD still falling, and everyday of shorting it is a positive swap. I still have positions in it. Support at 14080-90, 13900.

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