Tflow® Big Move Forex Trade lets you buy at a low for GBPCHF

GBPCHF is a typical BIG MOVE trade setup.

This trade is great

  • trending (uptrend)
  • Nice consolidation giving plenty of time for weak bears to clear out, and strong bulls to accumulate

In fact, we caught the big move trade in June

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GBPCHF winning trade on week 27 2014


GBPCHF big move and retracement

So, we have a trade on GBPCHF, which unfortunately I don’t have time to tweet (oops….) (do remind me that I need to tweet hoh)



Suspecting another big move on $GBPCHF

If we have a BIG MOVE setup now (and again), then I’m expecting resistance to come in around previous high 15420-50


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