Set up SMTP for MetaTrader 4 in 3 easy steps with GMX

How to set up GMX  in MT4

GMX is an email service. Setting up GMX SMTP is a step towards receiving real time notification from TX Auto Alert.

TX Auto Alert display

TX Auto Alert is an MT4 indicator developed by TerraSeeds

Step #1 – Sign up for a Free GMX email account

Sign up for a Free GMX email account:

This is perhaps the most difficult of the 3 steps as this is a very popular solution with MetaTrader 4 (MT4) users which require a free SMTP service. As they say, “If first you don’t succeed, try and try again.”


Step #2- Run the following after registering an account login and password

  • Run MetaTrader 4
  • Click on Tools
  • Go to Options
  • Select the Email tab
  • Check Enable


Step #3 – Key in the below information

  • SMTP server:
  • SMTP login: your email
  • SMTP password: your GMX email password
  • From: your email
  • To: any email address you wish to receive the email on. (This can be Gmail, GMX, Yahoo or Hotmail ..etc)

Before you click on OK, you might want to click on Test to send a test email and check if you have received it on your destination email account (The email you put in the To:)


Important notice

TX Auto Alert requires an SMTP setup that GMX offers. This is a replacement for previous solutions like Yahoo and AOL. It is not compulsory. Traders who are not using TX Auto Alert push notification should NOT run this setup.

Besides GMX, other solutions are hMailserver and TurboSMTP.

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