EURUSD Forex Trade – on what conditions will it head towards 1.3400?

I tweeted on EURUSD on 16 Jul 2014, stating that I was bearish on EURUSD. This is a 50-60 pips profit trade, AGAIN!




Head and Shoulder and F6 trigger

EURUSD stopped around 1.3500 (round number support). However, today retracement shows equidistance channel as a valid resistance (see chart below). I am also holding horizontal resistance 1.3560-70 as another strong resistance where price might potential retrace too. This might be a point of a limit order offering a play that Head and Shoulder pattern remains intact.


EURUSD pending Day Close

On what condition will EURUSD head towards 1.3400?

I’m waiting for a Day close (key concept taught in BP class) of 1.3500, where immediate S lies 1.3450, 1.3420.

$eurusd below 1.3500 D1 has S at 1.3450, 1.3420

Remember to join me for Best Practice class where I talked about how to use limit order when where to put limit order on a confirmed 1234 trade. 30 July 2014, 7.30pm.

Update by Binni Ong on 23 Jul 7.09pm

A nice run in EURUSD and also EURAUD. Currently there are strong supports for both, EURUSD at 1.3450-60 and EURAUD at 1.4250. Remember, money in pocket is good.

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2 thoughts on “EURUSD Forex Trade – on what conditions will it head towards 1.3400?”

  1. William Ang Yong Ching says:


    is there a plan to conduct this limit order portion in 4M class?

    1. Jerome Lee says:

      Hi William,

      Not sure about 4M but there will be an emphasis on limit orders in our next Best Practice class on 30th July.

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