Hang Seng Index trading hours in MT4 and Singapore time

Currency & Indices have different trading hours

While you’re able to trade currency pairs around the clock, indices have market opening and closing hours as well as break times which occur on a recurring day to day basis.

In addition to this, the market hours of each broker can also be varied which is largely dependant on which timezone the broker is based in.


Time setting for AxiTrader’s Metatrader 4

The below charts and market hours are based upon AxiTrader which uses GMT+2 as Standard Time and GMT+3 during Daylight Saving Time (DST). Currently DST is active which started from 9 Mar 2014 and will end on 2 Nov 2014.

The time setting that appears on AxiTrader’s Metatrader 4 is currently GMT+3, which is also known as ‘New York Close’. This means trading begins at 00:00 server time (currently 7am AEDT), with the daily rollover occurring at the same time each day. This time cannot be changed on the platform. This is to avoid what is known as a ‘weekend candle’ which would appear on a Sunday on a daily chart with GMT based platforms.


Below is an overlay of the trading hours of EURUSD vs HSI

HSI trading hours in 24-hour clock

Trading Hours of EURUSD vs HSI (24-hour clock)


Trading hours of HSI in GMT+8 (Singapore time)

HSI trading hours in 12-hour clock

HSI Trading Hours: GMT+3 vs GMT+8 (12-hour clock)

Trading Hours of other Indices in GMT+3 and GMT+8 (Singapore time) with DST

MT CodeMarket NameOpen (GMT+3)Close (GMT+3)Break (GMT+3)Open (GMT+8)
Singapore Time
Close (GMT+8)
Singapore Time
Break (GMT+8)
Singapore Time
HSIHang Seng Index (Future)Monday 04:15Friday 18:0007:00-08:00
Monday 09:15Friday 23:0012:00-13:00
CAC40France 40 Index (Future)Monday 10:00Friday 24:0024:00-10:00Monday 15:00Saturday 05:0005:00-15:00
DAX30German 30 Index (Future)
Monday 10:00Friday 24:0024:00-10:00Monday 15:00Saturday 05:0005:00-15:00
S&PUS S&P 500 Index (Future)
Monday 01:00Friday 24:0023:15-23:30
Monday 06:00Saturday 05:0004:15-04:30
FT100UK 100 Index [FTSE] (Future)
Monday 11:00Friday 24:0024:00-11:00Monday 17:00Saturday 05:0005:00-16:00
DJ30US Wall Street 30 Index [DOW] (Future)
Monday 01:00Friday 24:0023:15-23:30
Monday 06:00Saturday 05:0004:15-04:30
SPI200ASX S&P 200 Index [SPI] (Future)
Monday 01:50Friday 23:0023:00-01:50
Monday 06:50Saturday 04:0004:00-06:50

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