4 Steps to using TX Auto Alert with Tflow®

There is a TX Auto Alert plot on the H4 charts of GBPCHF

TX plot as seen on H4 charts of GBPCHF

TX plot as seen on H4 charts of GBPCHF

This blog post will guide you step by step on how to continue and use TX Auto Alert correctly.

Step 1. Check for Trend

Always check if the plot by TX Auto Alert is in line with the trend.

Step 2. Check for Strategy

Determine if there is a strategy that can be use. There are 4 strategies in total:

  • BM (BigMove)
  • WRMB (WR Many Boxes)
  • H4R (Reversal)
  • H4T (Trending)

For GBPCHF, the trend is up so this upflow plot is pointing in the right direction. Also there was a previous BM strategy in line with the trend, so BM & H4T is applicable.

Check for Trend & Strategy

Check for Trend & Strategy

Step 3. Check if Pt4 is at a good Support/Resistance

As part of determining whether the 1234 pattern is a good one. One of the more important checks is to ensure that pt4 is at a strong support or resistance.

A good support or resistance (Support in the case of GBPCHF) can be made out of confluence of the following:

  • Fib-R level of the Flow
  • Previous Boxes High/Low
  • Higher time frame (D1/Wk/Mth) turning points
  • Top or Bottom Equidistant Channels
Determine if pt4 is at a good level

Determine if pt4 is at a good level 

Check on the higher time frame for levels

Check on the higher time frame for levels

Step 4. Find the triggers for entry

After you’ve determined that the 1234 pattern is valid. Next we would need to find out how to exactly enter the trade.

There are a 3 triggers which can be used:

  • WR
  • 13TL
  • F6
Determine the possible triggers

Determine the possible triggers

Take note that price needs to ultimately clear any minor resistance of previous boxes lows on the H1 for it to be able to head higher up.

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4 thoughts on “4 Steps to using TX Auto Alert with Tflow®”

  1. Jui Koon Derrick Tan says:

    Thanks Jerome for the clear and precise explanation and illustration.

  2. Vincent Wee says:

    Jerome, thks for the infor. Why do you enter at F3 aftr WR ? Could you expalin in details. Can we enter at F2 ?

    1. Jerome Lee says:

      Hi Vincent,

      We always use the concept of candle close, then the point highlighted would be where the H4 candle closes above point 2. Also take note that there is a orange zone above point 2 which could in turn become resistance. This resistance needs to be broken for price to head up.

  3. Vincent Wee says:

    thanks for your explanation

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