EURUSD after Draghi bomb might be a WRMB!

EURUSD fails a round number resistance 1.4000 following Draghi hint ECB might take action in June.

I wasn’t thinking that EURUSD would be above 1.4000, so it was not a surprised that bears took action at 1.4000. My thoughts on EURUSD was in this tweet



With failure in EURUSD, it opens an interesting view on what might happen. Let’s check it out with a typical Tflow® analysis

Higher timeframe shows EURUSD resisted by Fibonacci retracement


Resisted by Fibonacci Retracement of bigger timeframe


Resisted by Fibonacci Retracement of bigger timeframe


Now shows EURUSD at trend line resistance


Trendline resistance


Some intermediate support on EURUSD currently; 1234 pattern seen on a possible DT pattern


Use boxes to show immediate support

Possible WRMB strategy following 1.4000 failure



Below 13765 has S 13700 13600

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