EURAUD – an illustration of what is trend and how to trade it

The saying goes “Trend is your friend”. This is only true if you know what is trend? Trend in which timeframe?

EURAUD will educate you on how to identify trend using what we teach in Tflow®

Weekly chart shows price still uptrend


Weekly chart shows uptrend but no visible immediate support to suggest lower TF trend will reverse


However Daily chart  on recent price behaviour is showing down. This means that price will have to keep falling till it reaches a support found in weekly chart


Daily chart shows downtrend

1234 seen in H4


1234 in H4

Below 14770 has S 14680 14550 14470

Review & Results

So how did this trade go? Students got an average of 100+ pips in profit! You can read about the review and the results of this trade in this post, EURAUD: Typical Tflow® trade on a Recurring Pattern.

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  1. Vince Ding says:

    Everything done by you seems so simple… 3 pictures tells it all…

      1. Vince Ding says:

        NOooooo… I thank you! :)
        Happy Mother’s Day!

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