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USDJPY: Review of Tweets (31st Mar – 14 Apr)

Tweets on USDJPY seen on the D1 charts

Tweets on USDJPY seen on the D1 charts

Tweet on 31st Mar 2014

  •  Price already plotted a 1234 pattern with price of 10240 as the WR point. (Lowest box high with buffer – seen clearer on the D1 chart)
  • A close below the WR point would also be a WR of many boxes high on the H4 charts.

Tweet on 8th Apr 2014

  • Price was approaching the WR point given by the previous tweet.
  • Price subsequently moved as predicted for 100+ pips.

Tweet on 10th April 2014

  • This tweet was an update based on the previous two tweets.

Tweet on 14th Apr 2014


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