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‘Trade Gold for a living’ seminar for new traders using spot CFDs

Ride gold price rally trading paper gold

This is a free gold trading seminar for anyone who wants to trade for a living.

In this 2.5 hour seminar, Binni Ong and Jayrome Lai will share important things about trading gold including:

  1. Daily range, trade size, how much one can potential make, what kind of instrument is suitable for daily trading opportunity
  2. How Tflow® trades gold for the big movement (where you could place a trade and leave it)
  3. How Tflow® trades gold intraday
  4. See Tflow® not only trades gold but also currencies/forex

This is a seminar for anyone including aspiring new traders. The platform and instrument used are MT4 and spot CFDs (Contract For Differences).


Seminar details:

  1. Date and time 29 April 2014 7.00pm – 9.30pm
  2. Place 3 Shenton Way #25-02 Shenton House Singapore 068805
  3. Seating capacity 60 persons
  4. Speaker Jayrome Lai and Binni Ong
  5. Price free of charge
  6. Please register your name, contact number and email by calling Cynthia at 6492 3196 or sms 8298 6982

** Register to secure seat. Non-registered may be rejected. **


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and trainer with strong course and trading platform in Singapore for trading currency, stock indices, oil and gold.

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