GBPUSD – Further analysis into why I suspect there could be a big move

Below will be quite a long analysis on why I suspect that GBPUSD might have a big move.

Of course, my analysis could be wrong, just I would like to share with you my line of thoughts so it became a learning experience too.

First, I want to apologise that I have very little time now to do blog posting and tweeting recently, due to a change in schedule and commitment. Be assured that I’m very much still trading (in fact much much more now). I hope there will be an improvement in my schedule.

Here’s my analysis on GBPUSD

GBPUSD at resistance, however this resistance has only 1 historical point. I suspect it might not be that strong


Resistance level

A suspected strong level


Suspected Resistance

Big 1234 spotted, mentioned in Tflow® Intake 40 class, yellow arrow shows entry


Big 1234

H1 1234 shows how entry can be made at bottom of price


Entry in H1, mentioned in Tflow class

Current situation, price offering near to resistance line; this is the 3rd try. Usually (cross finger) price is likely to break upwards on many tries (but not on the first try). This is also the reason why I believe that it could be a big move, as this is the 3rd try already


Current trend

H1 boxes show flow (yellow box up flow). I mapped out some support for possible 1234


Boxes offering some clues on Support


That’s the price I hope it can go


Update on 23 Apr 6.46pm

I was waiting for a 1234 to form for a long according to chart above. But there was none. Instead, H4 shows a bearish structure (note that overall trend still up). This 1234 suggest more price weakness. I will continue to monitor this trade till it forms the pattern and price level that I wanted


Resistance line


Potential 1234 bearish


Update on 24 Apr 8.03pm

In my previous update, I said that GBPUSD is going to have a temporary weakness. Indeed price came down

This down movement brought price to a support level, thus completes the 1234 bullish which I was waiting in my first analysis.



Boxes offering some clues on Support


What happened now….


1234 panning out

Trigger in this case will be a smallish 1234 at right side of chart pattern or upon F6 of 1234 or 13TL. whatever it is, no trigger no trade.

This trade is a good example of many qualities of a successful trader….patience, belief, INSIST, strong level, big pattern, no trigger no trade. Please dream of this in your sleep.

And to reinforce it into you, type what I wrote above in the comment section…patience…belief….INSIST…strong level, big pattern…no trigger no trade. DON”T CUT /COPY AND PASTE

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9 thoughts on “GBPUSD – Further analysis into why I suspect there could be a big move”

  1. Bing Teck Alvan Sue says:

    Hi Binni,
    For this trade, do you think we can re-enter the trade if the price crossed Fib6 before the 1234 formed?
    Thank you.

    1. Binni Ong says:

      strictly 1234 must form

  2. Lim Ting Ping says:

    Hi Binni,

    Would it be valid to enter long on 13TL break on H4 close in the new trading week?

    1. Binni Ong says:

      no 1234 yet. so no 13TL

  3. Desmond Zhi Wei Goh says:

    Thanks Binni for blogpost, keeping watch on this one!!

  4. Lai Weilun Jayrome says:

    BELIEF Strong level Big Pattern Patience InSist & No trigger No trade !!!!!!!!!

  5. Peh Kai Ling says:

    Patience, belief, INSIST, strong level, big pattern, no trigger no trade. I will dream of this when I sleep.

  6. Desmond Zhi Wei Goh says:

    strong level
    big pattern
    no trigger no trade + no copy and paste

  7. Darryl Tan says:

    patience, belief, INSIST, strong level, big pattern, no trigger no trade. Day Dreaming everyday

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