What Tflow® Forex Course by TerraSeeds can do for these 4 individuals

These individuals want a second income, fulfil aspirations, financial security


Jeremy 38, wants to make a second income

  1. Jeremy is an IT professional.
  2. He is married with two children.
  3. He has a stable career and together with his wife, they have comfortable household income.
  4. He has time on his hands and wants to earn a second income.
  5. Jeremy is worried about skill obsolescence and job security when he reaches 45 years old.
  6. The household could do with more money for year end holidays.
  7. Jeremy has never traded before.


What our trainers say:

Binni OngTflow® Forex Course allows Jeremy to use money to grow more money so he can have a BMW instead of a Toyota. Tflow® is suitable for beginner and provides comprehensive framework for people totally new to forex. As long as he is interested to make money before a life crisis sets in, he will find himself well ahead of his peers.

Jayrome Lai: Swing trading style of Tflow® allows him to earn his second income whilst not being glued to the screen. Tflow® is easy to learn because it has structured steps that make it suitable for someone who has no trading experience. Tflow® course allows him to still keep his stable career , yet at the same time try to achieve his second stream of income due to the style of trading and the generally higher time frames Tflow® looks at.



Dinesh 21, wants to make his first million by 25

  1. Dinesh is a young man from a well-to-do family.
  2. He  just completed his 2-years of national service in the armed forces.
  3. He is pondering his career. There is no pressure to find a job because his doting parents ask him to think carefully.
  4. Dinesh wants to take two years to trade forex for a living with his $10k savings after reading about forex on the Internet.
  5. Dinesh has tried his hand at forex trading with a demo account since 3 months.


What our trainers say:

Binni Ong: We usually recommend individuals to trade forex for a living while receiving an income. However Dinesh has a dream and a plan so he has a good chance of success if he learns to trade forex with Tflow® trainers in the first place. It is good to read from the internet but being fresh to forex, he is better placed to multiply his 10k savings if he does it right the first time. Definitely he don’t want to waste his 10k savings on trial and error with techniques he picked up from the Internet.

Jayrome Lai: Tflow® is a boost to the level of competency in forex. The 2-week course brings Dinesh what to speed with the market, how to trade, where to look and what to do. This removes the initial barrier that many new traders may take months if not years to figure out by themselves. He can then achieve the final master from his own tenacity and learning. In addition, having like-minded individuals in class is a good form of learning support. Other modes of support include Twitter as well as our own learning blog.



Serene 24, wants to enhance her competitiveness

  1. Serene is a new graduate.
  2. She works in a bank and is currently doing CFA.
  3. Serene also wants to be a Certified Financial Technician, a certification from IFTA.
  4. She is carefully building up her academic and professional qualifications because she aspires to make a career in banking and finance although at the moment, she does not know in what function.
  5. Serene has never tried trading. She encountered forex trading when she did some modules on technical analysis.


What our trainers say:

Binni Ong: Tflow® covers fundamental technical analysis concepts. It provides foundation to concrete technical analysis knowledge with practical approach. While Serene is acquiring knowledge for her certification, it is good if she can also earn some money concurrently from forex trading.

Jayrome Lai: Tflow® allows Serene to gain knowledge about trading and the forex market. With this edge, Serene becomes a sophisticated individual to hiring managers. She has also has more career options in banking and finance.



Weiming 33, wants to enhance his trading performance

  1. Weiming is a new employee at the forex trading desk of a foreign bank.
  2. A colleague taught him some tricks and for 6 months, he managed to produce a profitable but mediocre P & L.
  3. He is wondering if there is a commercial course that will boost both his P & L as well as his prospects of getting a bigger year end bonus.


What our trainers say:

Binni Ong: With Tflow®’s high reward to risk (2:1) and its simple price action strategies, he can apply it easily in his job. Weiming should note that we have encountered many traders and fund managers from well-established firms attending our Tflow® Forex Course.

Jayrome Lai: Tflow® Forex Course gives Weiming a strategy that has delivered consistent forex trading performance.



Testimonials from individuals who attended Tflow® Forex Course

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