How Tflow® Boxes revealed in advance that CADJPY is going to fall – simple and easy

I started talking about CADJPY and aiming for CADJPY 1 week ago before the sharp fall that generated about 60-80 pips profit for the trade on CADJPY.


  Reason why I like CADJPY trade, apart from it could be a WRMB of 3 boxes high, one consistent factor that generated a high success rate in trades that I tweeted is to trade near to strong support or resistance levels  


How do I know that a BIG movement is going to come

This is always a question on students’ mind. Expect a big movement when minimum 2 H4 boxes are about the same high or low. When H4 boxes are staging sideway, you will expect Big Move or WRMB setup. Easy as that


Where is CADJPY Trigger?

Well we taught this in Tflow® course and all Best Practices Class. Otherwise my tweet will help you on it

Close of H4 candle below pt 2 becomes the trigger. Remember, my price and chart is from Axitrader, so it’s important that if you are on other broker, your closing price WILL not be the same as mine. So do use Axitrader or its demo for reference. Live account of Axitrader here If you miss the trigger, then NO TRIGGER NO TRADE. There will be trades waiting for you.

The Most Important thing that you MUST know

Pay attention when 2 or more H4 boxes are about same high or same low. Either Big Move or WRMB is going to happen. Keep watch and remind me if you see one. A small reminder makes everyone happy!




Update (21 Feb 2014 3:27pm by Jerome)

Currently price is stopped at support around 91.77. Once price can close below this, then subsequent levels will come into play.


CADJPY D1 Chart on 21Feb2014

CADJPY D1 Chart on 21Feb2014


Update (25 Feb 2014 3:52pm by Binni)

CADJPY did not close below 91.77 and instead bounce up.

It is currently at a resistance.

We can see 1234 showing up on a down flow. Most important, we see point 2 as a box high.

This setup is stronger because pt 2 is near to last thurs high, so a WR of pt2 will also WR 2 boxes high


1234 and boxes high


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  1. Shao Guoyong says:

    yes Shifu,
    (small) boxes of same high/low are always impending signs of explosion.
    Thanks for putting such a wonderful price phenomenon into tflow trading framework!

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