EURAUD – Highlighting the need for trigger, the need to follow Tflow® rules

On EURAUD tweets, I received lots of questions. Tweeted on 2 occasions. First was to highlight that EURAUD is at support, and there was an IHS pattern near support.

How to use my tweet?

Sometimes you might not see the IHS. Even sometimes when I’m trading, I will be so happy if someone can remind me that there is an IHS and there’s a support coming. If my strategy is to short, then upon reminder, I will tread carefully on my shorts. However, if you would want to go long, then under Tflow® strategy, we can be trading on the right side of IHS.


Inverted Head and Shoulder

I made another tweet to talk about EURAUD still resisted with a formation of potential 1234 in the making. Isn’t it great to be reminded again (if you are on a long position) of potential resistance along the way? If your answer is yes, then there should not be any confusion to my tweet  

Some students saw the 1234 and went short on TR trigger. Few things:

1. On TR trigger, that trigger trade was a stop out

2. There were  no 13TL, no F6 trigger.

3. On WR trigger, Tflow® defined SL will be on top of pt 4. If you don’t stick to this rule, you will be stopped out

Here’s the latest chart on EURAUD


A possible HS in the making at Pt 4


On above chart, EURAUD still resisted. However current price is being supported by a historical support. There might be a chance that price is mapping out a HS at point 4. Tflow® trades on right S.

However, it is crucial for a trigger to happen. So only 13TL and F6.

If you want to know why my trades have high probability of win, then I always stick to rules and INSIST on a trigger. You jump without trigger, the market will always know and it WILL ALWAYS PUNISH you.

Below F6 drawn from 1 to 4, that will be a F6 trigger. Then it’s back to this tweet



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