If you didn’t see the trade on EURGBP, then see it here

I have tweeted a trade on EURGBP. There was a question how this trade was spotted as it doesn’t seem to meet Tflow® theory.

I shared my thoughts and experiences here, and please read through carefully and replicate it next time. If you have difficulties in understanding, please attend 4M or BP class to garner more experiences. Or drop us an email.


Downtrend with simple visual guide from boxes and trend analysis


Support and resistance. In Tflow®, we always assumed support or resistance to stay. If broken, then a support will become resistance and a resistance becomes support



A H1 bullish expansion in a H4 downtrend. If this bullish expansion fails, then it will be a WR in the direction of H4 movement


1234 and tweet. If you make use of this tweet and earn some pips, let me know


In my tweet, I mentioned the next support. Here’s how that level is derived

Update on 7 feb 2014 1.21pm

EURGBP didn’t go as planned and wanted, and became a stop out trade with a loss of 35 pips and 45 pips respectively for my 2 batches. I have also warned when the trade was about to turn sour.

Maybe you might think I’m stubborn, but they are certain things that I INSIST. You will hear the word INSIST in 4M classes I conducted. And if you question why most trades that I tweeted has a high probability win (except this one *smile*), then INSIST is the key. My stand is always, if the trend is still intact, I like to go with the trend.

So in D1, trend is still down base on trend analysis of LL, LH that we taught in Tflow®.


Daily chart trend analysis

No bearish expansion sighted in H4. Price shows resistance. If the 1234 should pan out, then it will be a WR of 2 boxes high


H4 1234 and Key levels


Price now at top of ED channel and horizontal resistance. In fact, price punch through ED and then was rejected by closing inside ED


H4 1234 and ED channel and rejection of ed channel at resistance by boxes


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4 thoughts on “If you didn’t see the trade on EURGBP, then see it here”

  1. Chiah Hang Dennis Eng says:

    Appreciate your effort to provide us insight on the trades that you tweet.
    A good learning experience for Students!! Great Job.

  2. Daniel Ku Guet Liang says:

    Thanks for sharing your analysis, Binni. 1 question: when i turn on the line chart in MN TF. I see this: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/403987029046017630/. How shld I decide which TF to rely on if there are conflicting signal like this? TQ in advance.

    1. Daniel Ku Guet Liang says:

      After yesterday 4M lesson, I understand better why you’re bearish bias. Thanks.

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