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CNY NewMoon Abalone Promotion for Tflow® course signup; Intake 39 only

Join Tflow® Forex Course to qualify for this Chinese New Year favourite

Chinese New Year Promotion

Fulfil 3 easy steps to qualify:

  1. Sign up for course and make a non-refundable deposit of S$100 during our Free Forex Seminar
  2. Complete full payment by 28 January 2014
  3. Attend Tflow® Intake 39 (no deferment)


Choose ONLY ONE of the following promotional items:

  1. 4 x Support Classes in the form of attendance vouchers worth S$160 OR
  2. 2 tins of NewMoon Abalone from New Zealand (may or may not look like the picture)


Referral incentive

For existing students who refer their friends (who has to qualify for the above), referrer gets also 2 tins (to arrange for self-collect), when their friends make full payment and attend Tflow® Intake 39.


Those already signed up may qualify if 3 easy steps fulfilled

This promotion is also applicable for those who have already signed up for Intake 39 and fulfil the above terms to qualify for promotion.


Other terms and conditions

  1. Goodies will be issued out on 15 February 2014.
  2. Offer valid while stocks last.
  3. We reserve the right to change the brand of abalone based on availability.
  4. Promotional items not changeable for cash


What is Tflow®?

Tflow® is a trading method that can be used to trade forex (currency pairs), stock indices, oil and precious metals such as gold and silver.

Tflow® forex course includes live trading sessions, is carried out 2 weeks with a total of 6* sessions or total duration of 30 hours. Class is conducted in Singapore in our office at Shenton House. Key lessons are conducted by Miss Binni Ong and her team.

Intake 39 is conducted during this period.



Free forex seminar dates


Attend these 2-hour sessions to find out more about Tflow®. For registration, please call (65) 6492 3196 or (65) 8298 6982 to give your us name, telephone number and email address.

Forex seminar dates

An established trading school
and trainer with strong course and trading platform in Singapore for trading currency, stock indices, oil and gold.

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