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Trading high impact news: When nothing changes (RBA rate), hold fast!

This particular RBA cash rate and rate statement offers a learning opportunity to traders searching for setups to trade high impact news.


High impact news: RBA cash rate & RBA rate statement

Tuesday 03 December 2013:

  1. RBA cash rate announced at Singapore time 11.30 am
  2. RBA rate statement at same time
  3. Previous 2.50%
  4. Forecast 2.50%
  5. Actual 2.50%


Technical picture for AUDUSD

The AUDUSD currency pair had fallen steeply for the month of November, stopping at a big picture Fibonacci Retracement level of 76.4%. 76.4% is considered a deep retracement level that attracts traders and investors looking for potential turning points. In fact this level in the region of .9050 – .9060 has a confluence with the low (support) set in July.

Post-RBA Cash Rate and Rate Statement Chart

On the hourly chart, the pair quickly turns South to test support following announcement. Failing to break support, we can see that 6-hours later, price is more than 50 pips above the level.

Since Previous = Forecast = Actual and there is a support level that would not budge, this may be a good high impact news trade setup for traders to take note in future.

Hold Fast

Hold Fast


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