ECB and Draghi – Creating Volatility for EURUSD

I started off with trading EURUSD with a plan as taught in Tflow® course and apply Best Practices Principles

Below chart we see a down flow and a 1234 pattern. EURUSD at that time was a SUSPECTED pt 4. That’s where I tweeted on a potential HS. Following which, EURUSD had a bearish expansion in h1.

6 dec eurusd 1

However, my second tweet following was “$eurusd has to go below 13525 for lower levels support to appear”. If you have been using these levels and tweets, then it’s important to REMEMBER:

  • No trigger No trade
  • I like a H4 trigger
  • And everything is base on close
  • If you do not know how to apply these, then it’s time for Best Practice Revision class or Tflow® recourse



Once price was not able to close below 13525 level, and subsequently stayed towards top of range, I suspected EURUSD might be heading up. H4 boxes provided some clue, as H4 boxes have been staging up and support levels won’t broken.


Asked @jayrome to tweet the levels on $eurusd cos was busy


Inverted Head and Shoulder shows price heading up

The only problem is that price expanded too far beyond the ranges, which impede a good entry.

However, few things to learn:

1. No trigger no trade. Please don’t see a tweet, sense my bias and then just jump without confirmation or trigger

2. When an initial evaluation is not pending out, don’t be discourage. Go back to drawing board then evaluate again

3. There are many trades around, most important, rid losers keep winners

Lastly, I traded on ECB and made profit like what @jayromelai said

And EURUSD momentum up is currently strong, so I’m waiting for some re-entry. How about you? Did you make your pips on this?

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