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Tflow® Best Practice Class: Trade Consistently with Best Practices

It’s been 1 year since we started Best Practice (BP) classes at TerraSeeds. This would a good time to do a recap of why a trader needs to apply best practices to trading and how TerraSeeds BP classes reinforce that.


What is the aim of Best Practice Class?

Best Practice Classes drill students in the best practices to apply:

  • Before putting in a trade;
  • Managing a trade until profit-taking or stopping-out


Consistency through practicing only the best practices that you must equip with for trading

Have you heard of  “拳打千遍,身法自现“? This roughly translates to-  if you practice your punches a thousand times, you will naturally begin to discover the benefits.

Best Practice consists of a cycle of 4 individual sessions where we will repeat and reinforce each of the 4 different strategies

  • BM
  • WRMB 
  • H4R
  • H4T

We emphasise practicing until we achieve consistent trading results.


Your experience in Best Practice Class

You will spend first 30 minutes revising key ingredients of each strategy till those concepts get drilled into you – don’t be surprised if you even dream of trading each strategy and each step that led you clicking the button.

Remaining 2.5 hours will focus on searching through all pairs that meet criteria for any of the strategy. Students have real time coaching from facilitators to confirm their understanding. They are also able to find and formulate trades for their profitability.


Trainer Guided Approach

A large part of the lesson is also devoted to practical hands-on by the students. This is to allow them to learn by actively looking for trade opportunities, similar to what they would do on their own except in a classroom environment. Subsequently, the facilitator will go through their analysis of the pairs highlighted with the class.


An example of how Tflow® students benefit from Best Practice Class

On Sep, we went through GBPJPY trade which was guided in BP class. This trade moved 400pips in anticipation of H4R and BM strategies.

Step 1: Find out what is the trend.

Determine trend

BP – GBPJPY – Determine trend

Step 2: In class we spotted a strong resistance together. Tflow® Boxes show consolidation. This allows BP students to formulate an entry on the spot

Identify support resistance

BP – GBPJPY – Identify big picture resistance

See price action

BP – GBPJPY – Identify current price action

Step 3: We found an entry; discussed about potential profit zones and danger zones

entry, target price, danger zone

BP – GBPJPY – Entry, target price & danger zones

Step 4: Not surprising that 400 pips landed in BP students pocket

trading outcome

BP – GBPJPY – Pips Gained


Next  Best Practice Class Dates

  • 14th Nov 2013 – BM
  • 28th Nov 2013 – WRMB
  • 11th Dec 2013 – H4R

Email to register for Best Practice Classes


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Last time, many things that I wanted were just dreams, now I see them as possibilities. I’m looking forward to own pent-house suite in Manhattan overlooking Central Park because forex trading with Tflow® makes it possible. Find me on Google+

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One thought on “Tflow® Best Practice Class: Trade Consistently with Best Practices”

  1. Shao Guoyong says:

    Thank you Mr Lee,

    I have benefited from the BP classes.
    It is here where i have gained a deeper appreciation and understanding of how boxes worked.
    It also made me see that the 4 setups are actually various stages of price cycle,
    and one setup can actually evolved/ or part of another setup.
    It provides a clear and simple structure for traders to see the markets.

    As succintly pointed out by Binni ,
    “Ongoing classes are the best way to reinforce techniques as well as values towards the market. At $40 per 3 hours, cheaper than secondary school tuition.”

    Consistently attending BP and 4M classes coupled with trade documentations will be the fastest and bestest way to accelerate learning and climb the steep learning curve.

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