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Recall this long term USDJPY support resistance level at 103

The longer this multi-decade support resistance zone the stronger! Recall this little lesson ‘Significant support resistance levels are stronger: USDJPY case study‘ Technical analysis works on probabilities but there are “rules” to follow. A particular rule says that the more significant a level is, the stronger


If you don’t invest, trade, make more money, you end up worse off!

Declining purchasing power: make more money to stay same spot ‘Invest in stocks? Trade forex? Too risky lah!’ But but this is picture says die die also must trade. Because at the existing inflation rate in Singapore and the interest on savings banks are giving you, you


GBPJPY – why Tflow® boxes show it all clearly and visibly

I talked about GBPJPY first in tweets. Remember to follow me in tweet Not only looking at $usdjpy but also $gbpjpy. H4 boxes stacking up. Ihs d1 showing continuation to head up if there is a d1 break above R — TerraSeeds FX Tflow®


AUDUSD – a combination of Big Move and WRMB Strategy

In last week 4M class, I talked about this topic for students to consider “if you have only one bullet left, which trade would you choose?” Students were asked to select one trade that they would take and send in their analysis for that trade.


AUDSGD – WRMB and Bearish Expansion – What’s up

One of the easiest trade setup (in my opinion) to catch a toppish or bottoming trade is WRMB. As mentioned in class, boxes has the advantage of telling time together with prices – a trader is able to recognise strength of movement by looking at