Why learn to trade forex with a trainer when I can learn by myself?

Why should I pay money to learn to trade forex?

Recently during one of our Free Forex Seminar which I was conducting, I was asked this question by one of the participants.

What’s the difference from your Tflow® course compared to what I can learn on my own?

Well, apart from the fact that Tflow® Forex Strategy is based upon an amalgamation of Applied Elliott Wave and Advanced Fibonacci consisting of our proprietary Box Theory and 1234 pattern which you can’t find anywhere else; there is also what I term as a leveraging upon of experience.

I used to have this book of proverbs and stories which I used to read when I was still young and I still remember this particular story.

One day while driving on a lonely stretch of road out in the country side, a man’s car broke down. Just when he was considering his options, an old man drove up in a truck.

This old man happened to be a mechanic on his way home. So he opened the bonnet of the car and looked inside for a moment before telling the man.

“Ok, I can fix it, it will cost you $300”, the man agreed.

The mechanic then proceeded to take his hammer and knocked the engine 3 times. After which the car came back to life.

The man was naturally angry and felt that the mechanic was cheating him for such a simple task, to which the old mechanic replied.

“For knocking the engine 3 times, I won’t charge you. What you’re paying me for is 30 years of experience working on cars to know where to knock and how to knock.”


Learn to trade yourself or get a winning strategy and start making money

Learning to trade forex by yourself, you will certainly encounter problems that require trial and error as well as lost time and opportunity. Having a trainer guide you means you start making money from forex as soon as possible.

Forex trade performance

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Bonus video! Simple? How come I never thought about it!

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