How to make consistent profit trading forex? Your conviction my plan

I want to make consistent profits trading forex. How can I do it?

A student asked:

How to get the 15,000 pips win listed in blog post? Kneel and pray for my Sentosa Cove Condo?

Let me share with you my two part recipe.


Part 1 – Steel yourself with conviction to succeed

Every trade that I did, every trade that you read about is carefully planned.

Despite the best plan however, the moment a trade position is opened the outcome is determined by the market. You can be the best shooter with a gun but this is a moving target so don’t expect it to be easy like a walk in the park.

There are days or weeks that market the market will toss us around. But by consistently acting according to our trading plan, high probability odds and risk management will give us every chance to make money.

You must have the conviction to succeed by staying the course no matter what it takes. I believe that this is part of a winning psychology. We cannot hand out conviction to succeed to you during a trading course. But we can cultivate it inside you and give you support as a community.


Consistent profits come from running marathon, not a 100 metre dash

Forex trade performance

Forex Trade Performance for 2013 Weeks 27 – 31

We had 2 losing weeks out of 30 trading weeks. Those two weeks to some students were horrible. But if you look at the overall trading performance as a series, we made about 15,000 pips. See this 30-week Tflow® Trade Performance we prepared. ""

Never mind the timing for your 100 metre dash because when it comes to making consistent profit trading forex, we are running a marathon.


Here’s what Dennis Lee said in our twitter stream “Thx for the tip off Binni! Managed 241 ticks in Gold ;) Great start to the week after last week’s”


I have a strong winning psychology. So what’s next?

Part 2 – Follow my plan

This is my plan. I follow my own Tflow® Forex Strategy everyday without deviation. The strategy calls for identifying recurring patterns. One pattern I call the 1234 helped us make money when the US Government shut down last week.

US Government Shutdown triggered selling in Gold.


24 hours before its fall


Students who followed my plan made money


So how did we spot Gold (XAUUSD)? What did Tflow® students see?

A recurring pattern based on Tflow® underlying principles to Sell HIGH / Buy LOW

Steps to find Tflow® recurring pattern also known as 1234:

1. Find a flow created by smart money

2. Wait for price to come to an optimum sell zone where risk is low, reward is high

3. Wait for trigger to happen base on price action

Sell High in Gold (XAUUSD) using Tflow®

Sell High in Gold (XAUUSD) using Tflow®

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